What our Students are Saying!

 Cindy - Scottsdale, AZ FUNdamentals of Horsemanship student

“Jill Roth... from the moment I met Jill I deepened my  journey with my equine buddy that is richer, more intimate, and rewarding each and every time we play together. 

Jill is an incredibly positive person using; positive reinforcement; positive energy; positive body language to work with you as well as your horse. She shares little pieces of pertinent information all the time you are together. She has the ability to correct you while making you feel as though you were a master of the technique in the first place. Amazing. 

With that said, the thing that I love love love about Jill is that she first and foremost cares about the horse; about your relationship with your horse and about what YOU want to achieve in your relationship with your horse. I love her enthusiasm and her natural horsemanship skills and insight! I cherish what I have learned from Jill and what is to come.”

Lisa - Scottsdale, AZ FUNdamentals of Horsemanship student

My horse loves me...and it's all because of Jill!!!  She has shown me how to build trust, confidence and awareness both in and out of the ring!  She is a horse whisperer and dedicated, hard working professional!

I highly recommend her!

Patty - Scottsdale, AZ Equestrian Tai Chi Student

“Jill offers a unique way to connect with your horse focusing on all the tenets of Tai Chi:  relaxation, proper breathing and softness.  Her class was informative, relaxing and FUN!”

Julee - Cave Creek, AZ FUNdamentals of Horsemanship Student

Jill has an incredible talent in connecting you and your horse while bringing you both to the next level. I had the opportunity to work with Jill while using my horse, Rosie to meet some of our liberty goals. Jill has an incredibly observant eye that deciphers equine body language and assists you and your animal in overcoming mental obstacles including physical hesitations to meet your goals. Jill is not only the scheduled lesson time she spends with you, she also has a clear passion for what she does and also follows up on a personal level with progress that you are making.  I have had a few instructors in the past but Jill is that unique gem whose natural approach is appreciated and valued. You truly will love the results.   


Karen ~ Scottsdale, AZ FUNdamentals Of Horsemanship student 

I met Jill thru another student of hers. Now we are good friends. Jill is the “Real Deal”. My horsemanship experience of Jill is that she is Kind and Caring, Professional, Extremely knowledgeable and really knows her stuff. She’s on a never-ending quest to learn, a seeker of Truth, FUN, outgoing, dependable, a genuine gifted Teacher. Jill strives to do things “For The Horse, Not To The Horse”. Thank you Jill, for your remarkable mentorship and your kindhearted friendship. You inspire me to be a better horsewoman.