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The FUNdamentals of Horsemanship

What would it take to have an unbelievable relationship with your horse? Do you wonder what your horse is saying to you? Wish you could make your time together riveting for both of you? Infuse fun into to your horsemanship by learning what your horse is saying to you. Play together tethered (with ropes), untethered (free as the wind), and/or mounted. Learn the FUNdamentals of horsemanship to change your relationship.


& Equestrian Tai Chi

Do you dream of connecting to your horse on an energetic level? Wish you could feel the magnifying effect your horse can have on your energy? You can share this with your horse through Equestrian Tai Chi. Each Tai Chi movement has it's own purpose and energetic pattern. Performing these moves while mounted (or unmounted) can develop an amazing energy exchange between you and your horse!


A Little about Jill

Jill lives in Sherwood, OR, She has been a student of the horse for over 25 years. Her greatest joy is to bring horses and their humans together. She focuses on the FUNdamentals of horsemanship by aiming for true unity through knowledge and reverence.

During her continual search for ways to bridge the gap between equines and humans she has been delighted to discover many wonderful modalities and teachers. Her primary areas of  inspiration have been: Natural Horsemanship, the teachings of Polly Roberts, Jenny Pim, Ingela Larsson Smith, James French, Pat and Linda Parelli, Sharon Wilsie, Reiki,  "Clicker" training, and more. 

Having practiced the martial arts for over 20 years, Equestrian Tai Chi seemed like a natural extension of her studies. And, now as a certified instructor of Equestrian Tai Chi, she is thrilled to add this modality to her tool kit of communication. 

She earned her Equine Science certificate through the University of Guelph in December of 2018.

She would love to guide you along your journey toward a stronger bond between you and your equine partner. 

You can reach her at Bridlesandbreath@gmail.com or